Artist Profile

Angeliki  Papadopoulou

Artist Profile

Angeliki  Papadopoulou

Angeliki  Papadopoulou was born in Thessaloniki Greece  in 1964.

She has studied at the State School of Ceramics in Thessaloniki, Greece, at the Istituto Statele d’ ArteCeramica in Faenza , Italy and at the Fachhochschule Niederrehen for Ceramic and Porcelain Design in Crefeld, Germany.

In her work, she investigates the analogies and similarities that exist among nature , society, science and civilization. She scrutinizes the nature  of the material and the ways it can evolve into new forms in the contemporary architecture landscape.

She has been invited to teach,  to give lectures and participate in different Ceramic  Symposium  in various  organizations and Universities  in  Europe, Asia, Africa.

Her work has been exhibited in personal and group exhibitions throughout Greece and abroad.




  • Group Virtual Ceramic Exhibition, 3rd International Salon of Ceramic in Tunisia.
  • Group Ceramic Exhibition, “Melana” Athens,  Greece
  • Group Ceramic Exhibition,  Gallery  Marginalia  Lefkosia, Cyprous
  • Group Exhibition,   “Ancient vibes in contemporary ceramics”,  MON COIN STUDIO Athens Greece
  • Group Exhibition, MATRES INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’ S FESTIVAL , Cava de’ Tirreni , Italy
  • Group  Virtual Exhibition “ Creating  an Artistic Sound” HBV University  Ankara, Turkey


  • Five Greek Ceramic Artist in Paris, Chris Boicos Fine Arts, Paris, France
  • 5th Ceramic Exhibition  « ΟΜΑΔΑ  ΚΕΡΑΜΕΩΝ ΙΧΝΗ», Patra, Greece
  • Group Exhibition, Chris Boicos Fine Arts,  Paxous,  Greece
  • Group Exhibition, Ceramic is…Gallery Genesis  Athina
  • «Μνήμη  Δίκαιο Τέχνη»  SKG BRIDGES  Thessaloniki  Greece
  • Personal  Exhibition,  Pur Pur Gallery  Lamia,Greece


  • Group Exhibition, PELLA geo-metry  Archeological Museo of Pella, Greece


  • Group Exhibition, Melting,  Jingdezhen – Guangzhou, China
  • Group Exhibition ,Sanbao International Ceramic Village Museum permanent  Collection, Jingdezhen, China
  • Group Exhibition , 13th INTERNATIONAL  BIENNAL  OF CERAMICS, Manises, Spain


  • Group Exhibition BKK 4 International Ceramic Art project, Thailand
  • Group Exhibition Wine spirit, Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki, Casa  Bianca and Apothiki old Port of Myrina, Lemnos,  Greece


  • Group Exhibition, Art space, Ochre Blue, Limnos, Greece.
  • Group Exhibition,  International Woman Ceramic Artists KWCA, S. Korea.
  • Group Exhibition, 53th Greek Ceramic Art Competition, Premium, III prize Athene, Greece.
  • Group Exhibition. 100+1. Vafopoulio Cultural Center, Thessaloniki, Greece


  • Personal Exhibition, Ligas Farm, Giannitsa, Greece


  • Group Exhibition, Castello di S. Severina, Italy


  • Personal Exhibition, Cultural Center of Giannitsa, Greece
  • Group Exhibition, Gallery Paratiritis, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Personal Exhibition, Kassandra’s  Festival, Afitos, Greece


  • Personal Exhibition, Month of May, Parthenagogio, Edessa., Greece


  • Group Exhibition. Exhibition of art teachers in S.A.A.M.V.. Art Center Giorgio de Chirico, Volos, Greece


  • Personal Exhibition, Crefeld. Germany


  • Group Exhibition, Exhibition of Contemporary Greek Ceramists, Warehouse B. Port of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Group Exhibition, Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramic Art, Cultural Center of Athens Municipality, Athens. Greece


  • Group Exhibition. Greek Design, Volos, Greece


  • Group Exhibition, Gallery POPIK, Kolonaki. Athens, Greece


  • Group Exhibition, International Exhibition of Ceramics, Toronto, Canada

Her work has been part of public and private collections in Greece and abroad.

Artistic Events, Symposia, Workshops Lectures


  • Curator and Co-organisation  to  the International  Ceramic Exhibition and lectures in Archeological Museo of Pella, Greece.
  • Participation to International Symposium of Plastic Arts,  Borj Kallel, Tunis


  • Invitation to participate for 45 days residence in International  Ceramic Village Sanbao Jingdezhen,  China
  • Participation to International Fine Art Colony of Ceramics “ZLAKUSA” City of Uzice, Serbia


  • Participation to BKK 4 International  Ceramic art project, University of Khon Kaen, Thailand


  • Participation to International Art Workshop, Antalya, Turkey


  • Lecture on: Contemporary Greek Ceramics. Educational Organization SOCRATES, Crotone, Italy.


  • Lectures on: 1. From the formless clay to the vase. 2.Clay. Material of Creation and Therapy, MuseoPietrarotta di guardavalle (CZ), Italy


  • Lecture on: Clay and Creativity, Castello of S. Severina (KR). Municipality of S. Severina. Italy
  • Personal Exhibition, Month of May, Parthenagogio, Edessa., Greece


  • Lecture on: Ceramic applications in Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Architecture. Thessaloniki, Greece

Organization / Participation


  • Teaching and co-organization of the Workshop and the Group Exhibition Crearterra. Castello di S. Severina, Municipality of S. Severina, Italy. With the architect-designer Francesco Cuvera.


  • Co-organization and participation in the Symposium on Ceramics: Days of Culture, Loudias, Municipality of Giannitsa Greece


  • Participation in the International Artist Meeting. Eco Fest, Sliven, Bulgaria


  • Teaching, co-organization and participation in the action Three kilns on the sand. Anavros 1992 S.A.A.C.V. of Volos. With the sculptors Nikolai Stoitsef and Nikos Sklavenitis.



  • Light and Shadow in La Meridiana, International School of Ceramics in Tuscany. Italy.


  • and on participation and teaching in the Art Laboratory of Ceramics of the Municipality of Giannitsa. Co-organization and participation in Exhibitions, educational programs and ceramic actions


  • Participation in the European Program REGIO. entitled: Museum Education, Greece, Italy

2010 – 2012

  • Co-organization and participation in the European Program GRUNDTVIG, entitled: European Ceramics and Mosaic, from tradition to innovation. Greece, Italy, Hungary


  • Teaching of Ceramics in the School of Applied Arts of Volos Municipality

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